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1922 REL £20 BBpL

1922 REL £20 BBpL Image

CHB Ref: 1922/8REL/£20/BBpL
Kuhlmann: 640

1922 - 8% Railway Equipment Loan

Capital: BF48,000,000
Denomination: £20
No Issued: 40,000
Serial From: 00001 - 40,000
Arrangers: Banque Belge pour L'etranger

Dimensions of the Bond:
310 x 500 mm

The original loan arrangement was made by Societe Belge d' Entreprises en Chine in the sum of £3,350.00. However only £800,000 (BF 48,000,OOO)were issued out of the original contracted amount and this amount was then offered at BF1,187.50 for each BF 1,200 Bond. The Societe Belge d' Entreprises en Chine made 12 % commission on this loan.

Coupons were also payable at the Banque Belge pour l'Etranger in Brussels and at the British Overseas Bank in London.

The loan was secured on a first mortgage upon the projected railway from Paotow to Ninghsia; a
second mortgage on the line from Peking to Paotow; and on surplus receipts from the Peking-Hankow Railway. The loan was also guaranteed by Government of the Republic of China . The coupons were payable 1st June and 1st December each year. This loan has been in default since 1926.

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