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1907 CKR £100 HSBC

1907 CKR £100 HSBC Image

CHB Ref: 1907/5CKR/£100/HSBC
Kuhlmann: 160

1907 5% Canton-Kowloon Railway

Capital: £1,500,000

No Issued:15,000
Serial-1 From: 0001 Serial-1 To: 15,000

HSBC for British & Chinese Corp Ltd
Colour: red/chamois/brown

Dimensions of the Bond:
520 x 330 mm

The loan was arranged by the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation on behalf of the British
& Chinese Corporation and floated in Shanghai at 94% and in London at 100%. The Bank made £35,000 commission on the loan. The purpose of the loan was for the construction of a railway between the city of Canton and Shumchun which was located on the Sino-Hong Kong border. The section of the railway which ran from the border to the terminal at the Star Ferry Pier in Kowloon had already been constructed by had been constructed by the Hong Kong Government.

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