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1907 Pien Lo Rly Fr500

1907 Pien Lo Rly Fr500 Image

CHB Ref: 1907/5PLR/Fr500/BB
Kuhlmann: 141

1905-07 - 5% Pien Lo Railway Sinking Fund Gold Loan (Emprunt 1903)

Fr 256,000,000
Denomination: Fr 500
No Issued: 32,000
Serial-1 From: 50,001 Serial-1 To: 82,000

Arrangers: Banque Belge / Paris Pay Bas
Colour: ochre/red

Dimensions of the Bond:
420 x 290 mm

This loan was arranged and launched by La Compagnie Generale de Chemins de Fer et de Tramways en Chine and offered in two issues ; 1905 and 1907 both in Brussels, through the Banque Belge pour l'Etranger in Shanghai and the Banque de Paris et de Pays Bas in Paris and Amsterdam, all issues at 90 %. The first issue was for Fr 25,000,000 and the second for Fr 16,000,000.

The purpose of the loan was for the construction of a Railway between Kaifeng and Honan-fu, both in the Province of Honan. The Railway was opened to traffic in December 1908. The loan was secured on the Kaifeng-Honan-fu Railway and was guaranteed by the Imperial Chinese Government.

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