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1898 AGGL £25 DAB

1898 AGGL £25 DAB Image

CHB Ref: 1898/4½AGG/£25/DAB
Kuhlmann: 081
(cancelled bond with cancellation punch holes)

1898 - 4½% Anglo German £16,000,000 Gold Loan

Capital: £16,000,000
Denomination: £25
No Issued: 28,500
Serial-1 From: 1,501 - 30,000
Arrangers: Deutsch-Asiatische Bank

Dimensions of the Bond: 500 x 400 mm

This loan was arranged by the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation and the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank at £8,000,OOO each. It was offered at 90 % in London and Berlin. The commission to these respective banks Banks was 7 %. The following amounts are outstanding since September 1939: £1,498,200 in London and £1,498,225 in Berlin.

The bonds listed above were countersigned by the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank.

Bonds could be converted into inscribed stock by payment to the Bank of England. The loan was secured on Maritime Customs Revenues and Salt Likin Revenues by deposit with the issuing Banks of Customs-Likin Bonds and Sterling Customs Bonds equal to the amount of the loan plus interest. Coupons were payable on 1st March and 1st September each year. This loan has been in default since September 1939.

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