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1912 CRISP £100

1912 CRISP £100 Image

CHB Ref: 1912/5CRISP/£100/BCCo
Kuhlmann: 271

1912 - 5% Crisp Gold Loan 1912

Capital: £5,000,000

No Issued: 26,000
Serial From: 00001 - 26,000
Arrangers: Burch, Crisp & Co

Dimensions of the Bond:
455 x 305 mm

This loan was initiated by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and authorised by Yuan Shi-kai. The original planning was for a loan of £10,000,000 but the full amount authorised was not taken up. However, C. Burch, Crisp & Co. floated £5,000,000 at 95% in London, on behalf of the British & International Investment Trust, Ltd. Agents were the British Bank for Foreign Trade, Lloyds Bank and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. The purpose of the loan was to pay for "floating debt and for public works".

The loan was secured on a first charge of the surplus of Salt Gabelle and on other revenue sources guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of China. The coupons were payable 30th March and 30th September each year. This loan has been in default since March 1939.

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