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1910 - Russo-Asiatique Bank Bond

1910 - Russo-Asiatique Bank Bond Image

This bond was issued by the Russo-Asiatique Bank, in St. Petersburg in 1910.

This Bond gives entitlement to receive 1/124,880 part of the special cash indemnity provided by means of the realization by the Banque Russo-Asiatique of the assets of the Banque Russo-Chinoise, not included in the balance sheet at the beginning of operations of the Banque Russo-Asiatique of a nominal amount of Roubles 3,971,968

The Russo-Chinoise Bank was created in the Russian Embassy in Paris in 1985, from Russian and French capital. It lent money to China and issued Chinese government bonds to finance China for its indemnity to Japan after the First Sino-Japanese War. In July, 1910, it was merged with Banque du Nord to form the Russo-Asiatique Bank.

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