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1910 Russian Asiatic Bank Bond

1910 Russian Asiatic Bank Bond Image

1910 Russian Asiatic Bank (Banque Russo-Asiatique) Bond

The Russian-Asiatic Bank (Banque Russo-Asiatique) was founded in 1910 by the merger of the Russian-Chinese Bank (Banque Russo-Chinoise) and the Banque Du Nord. The bank was founded with capital from French and Russian interests. It loaned funds to the Chinese Government for various projects in China and was one of the major banks involved with the 1913 Reorganisation Loan whereby the Russian-Asiatic Bank loaned £4,166,660 as part of that loan.

The Russian-Asiatic Bank eventually went into liquidation on 26th September 1926 after loosing approx £5,000,000 in foreign currency speculation.

The bond was for a 1/124,880 part of the cash indeminty for the creation of the banque in the nominal sum of Roubles 3,971,968.

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