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1936 - Shanghai Hangchow Ningpo Loan

1936 - Shanghai Hangchow Ningpo Loan Image

CHB Ref: 1936/6SHNR/£100/HSBC
Kuhlmann: 901

1936 - 6% Sterling Shangai Hangchow Ningpo Completion Loan


No Issued: 8,000
Serial From: 001 - 8,000
Arrangers: HSBC

Dimensions of the Bond:
550 x 350 mm

The Shanghai-Hangchow-Ningpo Railway Completion Loan of 1934 was for the capital sum of £1,100,000 in accordance with an agreement dated 8th May 1936, between Kung Hsiang-hsi, Minister of Finance and Chang Kia-Ngau, Minister of Railways acting under the authority ofthe National Government of the Republic of China and the British & Chinese Corporation, Ltd. and the China Development Finance Corporation.

Bearer bonds were offered in Shanghai at 94% by the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporationand the Bank of China on behalf of the China Development Finance Corp. and the British & Chinese Corporation.

The purpose of the loan was for the repayment of advances previously made by the corporations mentioned; for repayment of the outstanding balance due to the Chekiang and Kiangsu Provincial Railway Companies; for the completion of the Shanghia-Hanchow-Ningpo Railway including the construction of a bridge over the Chien Tang River and for the construction of the Nanshinchiao Branch Line.

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