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1902 Russian Boxer M1000

1902 Russian Boxer M1000 Image

CHB Ref: 1902/4RSL/1000/RSB
Kuhlmann: Page 130

1902 - 4% Russian State Loan

The Russian State Loan of 1902 was for the capital sum of 181,959,000 Roubles which equated to 393,000,000 German Marks, 231,870,00 Dutch Florins, or 19,257,000 pounds sterling.

The loan was issued by virtue of the Imperial Ukase of the 1st March 1902 to realise the contribution due to Russia in compensation for the losses incurred during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. It was also covered by the Edict of the Chinese Emperor dated 29th May 1901.

Bearer bonds were issued in the following denominations:

Denomination No. Issued Serial Nos.
GRM.5000 22,000 0001-22,000
GRM.2000 75,000 22,001-97,000
GRM.1000 110,000 7,001-207,000
GRM.500 46,000 207,001-253,000

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