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1933 - S. Manchuria Rly 50Y

1933 - S. Manchuria Rly 50Y Image

1933 - South Manchuria Railway Share Certificate

This is an original South Manchuria Railway Co., Ltd. Share Certificate for denomination of 50 Yen. Although this was a Chinese railway, Manchuria was occupied by Japan from 1931 to 1945. During that period railway development in Manchuria was controlled by the Japanese and indeed the dates on the document use the "Shouwa" dating system from Japan.

The five round stamps in the document indicate 5 x payments of 10 Yen and they are listed as Shouwa 8 (1933), Shouwa 9 (1934), Shouwa 10 (1935), Shouwa 11(1936) and the last date listed is Showa 12 (1937). The train vignette is attractive and there is a revenue stamp on the upper right corner.

The South Manchuria Railway Co. Ltd. was founded by Japanese interests in 1906 with an initial capital of 200,000,000 Yen, but the capital was increased to 800,000,000 Yen in 1933 with a consequent additional share issue.

The document size is: 242mm x 190mm

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