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1923 LTUH BF500 RS

1923 LTUH BF500 RS Image

CHB Ref: 1923/8LTUH/BF500/CoGen cdf Reserved Stock
Kuhlmann: 650 RS

1923 - 8% Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway Loan

Capital: BF 50,000,000
Denomination: BF 500
No. Issued: 300
Serial: Reserve Stock Bonds do not have serial numbers. Bonds were printed with serial numbers in sequential order according to the number issued. However, the printer would be directed to print additional bonds without a serial number to be retained by the countersigning bank as Reserve Stock. These would be used to replace bonds which had been lost, stolen or destroyed.
Arrangers: La Compagnie Generale de Chemins de Fer et Tramways en Chine

Dimensions of the Bond:
270 x 200 mm

The bonds in this issue were part of the same 8% Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway Loan loan issued in 1920 The loan was arranged by La Compagnie Generale de Chemins de Fer et Tramways en Chine and the sum of BF 50,000,000 was floated in Brussels. The purpose of the loan was for the completion of the western section of the railway from Kwanyintang to the Yellow River; for completion of the eastern section of the railway network from Hsuchow to the sea; and for the construction of a harbour near Haichow.

The loan was also to be used to service the previous Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway loan issued in 1913. The loan was secured by a first charge on the Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway. Coupons were payable on 1st January and 1st July each year. This loan has been in default since January 1926.

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