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1914 IGL Fr500

1914 IGL Fr500 Image

CHB Ref: 1914/5IGL/Fr500/BIndus
Kuhlmann: 330

1914 - 5% French Industrial Gold Loan

Capital: Fr 100,000,000

No Issued:200,000
Serial-1 From: 00001Serial-1 To: 20,000

Banque Industrielle de Chine
Colour: brown/ochre/red

Dimensions of the Bond:
505 x 290 mm

The purpose of the loan was for the improvement of the construction of the Port of Pukow and for other public works in the city of Peking. The loan was secured by an absolute guarantee of the Government of the Republic of China and on revenues from the Port of Pukow, on the installations of the electric tramways and other municipal enterprises in Peking, Municipal taxes of Peking and revenues from alcohol taxes in the provinces north of the Yangtse River.

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